About Flash Frozen Photography! - Kathy Rappaport

About Flash Frozen Photography!

Photographs of people should tell a story about them and show some of their soul and being.  An expression on the face, maybe a smile or not, a look in the eyes that only they see, a gesture.... or for your business, the look that is appropriate for your brand.

I want to evoke emotion in my Portraits from my Woodland Hills Studio. That story about you and those you love. And history. Your personal and family history in the making to be preserved for the future:  A pet who is a part of your family, your new baby, the images of you at whatever age you are, as you are, because it is a part of your story that your loved ones will cherish and most of all you will too.

I want to make images that you will say are the best photographs you have ever taken. I love to capture families at a milestone time or for no reason except to say these are the people I love, or to photograph your children growing up because their time is fleeting and you will one day blink and they will be adults. Or just because you have a vision and want to play. Maybe some old Hollywood Glamour or a painting from the museum as inspiration.

When was the last time you were photographed professionally? I always want to remind you that your children don't remember you on your Wedding Day. You owe them photographs of yourself, as you are NOW, so that they will remember you as they see you. They don't recall the day you got married. 

Come and visit me in my beautiful intimate studio in Woodland Hills. Let me show you why I want to be your first choice person to photograph what is important to you.

Let me show you what good photography is and how to tell the difference with lighting, and paper, and finishing. I print most of my own work in house because I want to make sure that it's perfect. Printing is  an important aspect of the process.  I want images to last for generations.  I use 100 year archival paper. I use albums and canvas that are hand crafted by the best suppliers.  And as full service photographer, I have beautiful frames that work with any decor and budget too. When you purchase your portraits from me, you will also get the fully edited digital file too. Not just a disk of images that will degrade and one day be obsolete that you won't know what to do with after the session. 

My studio is unique and designed to make my clients feel pampered and comfortable. I believe that intimacy is important to creating a good image.  Every session I do is designed just for you, my client. My sessions always include planning ahead of time so you will know what to bring and what we are creating together. I never want to make people feel they are going to an image factory. There is a reason the kids I shoot want to come back. I make it fun for everyone. Read my online reviews - I have very happy clients for a multitude of reasons.

I have always loved storytelling. And writing. And reading. In high school, I took my first photography class. When my husband bought a camera for a trip to Alaska in 2001, I borrowed it and started seriously studying all aspects of photography - from Actor's and Executive Headshots and Personal Branding, to Glamour with Dennis Kirkland who did images of Marilyn Monroe in the sheets. An LA Times photographer I studied with taught a street portraiture class and encouraged me to open a Portrait Studio photographing Children and families. In 2006 I opened my portrait studio in Woodland Hills.  For fun, I love to travel and my hobby is street portraits and architecture, wherever a plane or ship will take me. As an animal lover, my three dogs are usually pressed into model service. I love good food and cooking and music. And kissing babies. But then, who doesn't?

I invite you to call me, make an appointment to see for yourself. Let's plan out your session - beach, park, your home or my studio or something on my list of 100 places that are photography worthy. Let me help you preserve your personal history in a beautiful way you that you will be able to treasure forever. I guarantee you will love the portraits we make together.

Kathy Rappaport

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